Quotes: Bellac, Haute-Vienne, France, 1882, between battles novelist, essayist, playwright [[Madwoman out of Chaillot), diplomat

Quotes: Bellac, Haute-Vienne, France, 1882, between battles novelist, essayist, playwright [[Madwoman out of Chaillot), diplomat

nine. step 1. People is to trust simply half of exactly what females state, but and that 1 / 2 of? dos. Those who weep recover more easily as opposed to those exactly who smile. Hint: Absolutely nothing a great deal more to spend? An effective. Jean Anouilh B. Jean Giraudoux C. Jules Renard D. Jean Genet

No body much enjoyed the posts, initially, as well colorful, but it trapped to your

P10. Sci/Tech: 1947, Concord, NH, for starters st date, forest fire put out because of the seeding cumulus clouds in what? A beneficial. Smoking dirt B. Sawdust C. Vapor D. Deceased frost Clue: Robert Frost’s replacement focus.

P11. Sports/Games: For the 1960, an other named Cassius Clay wins 1st specialist battle inside their home town. Just what state? Hint: Spoonerism into Gerry Moore Reveal server Durward Kirby. An effective. Tennessee B. Alabama C. Kentucky D. Georgia

P12. Stage/Screen: Created in the Brooklyn during the 1947 to help you a relaxation activist and you may attorneys, he bankrupt with the photos while the Curt in the Western Graffiti; went on while making particularly films since the Mouth area, Close Experience of your own Third Type, Mr. Holland’s Opus, The nice-bye Lady whereby he won a keen Oscar. Hint: skittish working horse A great. Richard Dreyfuss B. Ron Howard C. Harrison Ford D. Robert Duvall

13. More Borrowing from the bank: A good goat’s pupils are just like what mathematical shape? Hint: Vicarage. A beneficial. Community B. Triangle C. Egg-shaped D. Rectangle


P1. Art/Culture: Born for the Paris inside 1839 to affluent British moms and dads about silk company, he was taken to London area to examine company, but it don’t simply take. Alternatively, he came back so you’re able to France and you can ran doing along with his pals Claude Monet and you will Pierre-Auguste Renoir paint landscapes outside. Hint: Palermo An effective. Edgar Degas B. Alfred Sisley C. William Merritt Chase D. J. Alden Weir

P2. Geo: 1945, Kansas Town Monarch’s Jackie Robinson cues in what MLB pub? Hint: Dickens An excellent. Boston Red-colored Sox B. Brooklyn Dodgers C. Gambling D. Ny Yankees

P3. History: 1938, H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds is radio broadcast. Panic in the streets! The reader was? A. H. G. Wells B. Orson Welles C. Walter Winchell D. Paul Harvey Hint: Bard comedy title

4. Lang: On the Competitors [[select less than), a characteristics exactly who will uses a word in place of a comparable group of phrase, such: “We have as the put Sir Anthony’s preposition prior to this lady.” Hint: Impaired phase cellular phone An effective. Mr. Dogberry B. Mrs. Malaprop C. Bob Miles D. Ladies Bracknell

P5. Lit: Dublin in the 1751, Irish poet and playwright of these performs just like the Opponents and you will The school to have Scandal. He possessed the brand new London area Movies Royal toward Drury Lane and you can try an effective Whig user inside your home out of Commons. He immediately after told you: “Would not your are in the backyard? I’d like my flowers observe your.” Hint: Hyacinth Bucket’s child in accordance Upwards Styles. A good. Richard Sheridan B. Oscar Wilde C. William Congreve D. Oliver Goldsmith

P6. Music/Dance: Into the 1971 exactly what John Lennon tune was atop new maps? Hint: The Reveal away from Reveals A good. Offer Peace a spin B. Imagine C. Working class Champion D. Mother

Blair Underwood C

P7. People: Born from inside the Pasadena into the 1951, the guy played Michael Kuzak towards L. A good. Rules. Hint: Oh, mice! A great. Richard Dysart B. Harry Hamlin D. Corbin Bernsen

P8. Potluck: Created during the 1892 from inside the Italy, Charles Atlas relocated to Brooklyn and you will setup a human anatomy-building way for thin males since the in his childhood-based on his tale-someone within a beach knocked mud in the face as he weighed merely X pounds. Just how many lbs is X? Good. ninety B. 93 C. 97 D. 101 Hints: Messier # getting Owl Nebula, Destroy of one’s Dated .

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